Kompuestos® obtains the OK Compost certification by TÜV Austria (EN13432)

Eco-conscious consumers are seeking for sustainable alternatives to the regular petrol-based polymers. Biokomp® resins are thermoplastic biopolymers capable of replacing well- established conventional plastics but improving its end of life challenges. Biokomp® is completely compostable as well as biobased.

Kompuestos® has been awarded the “OK Compost” conformity mark by TÜV Austria for several of its Biokomp® grades. The company is looking forward to complete its range of compostable solutions by the Q2 of 2019 in order to bring sustainable solutions to the current challenging scenario of the plastic market.

Biokomp® resins can be processed by conventional extrusion, cast film, blown, sheet, extrusion coating, and injection molding lines without extra technological investment.

Biokomp® products deliver very similar properties to the conventional plastics and are specially designed for single use applications (shopper bags, refuse bags, fruit & vegetable bags) and films with a difficult collection system.

Biokomp® is a family of biodegradable resins made from different starches such as corn, potato, cereals, and other biologically sourced polymers.

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