Why to use antiblock?
We have all encountered the difficulty of opening a shopping bag at the supermarket, this happens because the plastic films tend to stick together making them very difficult to separate. This adhesion effect is known as blocking.
How do we eliminate the blocking effect?
The role of anti-blocking agents is to slightly modify the surface of plastic films, creating microscopic roughness or bumps that help minimize contact between film surfaces, increasing the distance between the layers.
How do we eliminate the blocking effect?
Kompuestos works with a range of anti-blocking additives of inorganic nature, with excellent temperature resistance, using only those that are the most suitable forobtaining transparent films. Taking into account several factors:
• The refractive index of the additive and polymer.
• The low presence of iron oxides as impurities.
• The quality of the dispersion.
The main benefits of the use of Kompuestos anti-blocking additives are:
• They eliminate the blocking effect, facilitating winding and allowing an easier and more comfortable separation of plastic film layers.
• We use non-migratory additives. Therefore, the effect is permanent and depends neither on temperature nor on the time that has passed after extrusion.
• They can be combined with slip additives to obtain a slip-antiblock effect.
Kompuestos offers anti-blocking masterbatches for polyolefins, of natural or synthetic origin and approved for food contact according to Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and FDA 21CFR.

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