Kompuestos is a leading company in the production of plastic compounds in Europe.

Based in Barcelona, ​​it is one of the leading international suppliers of high-performance compounds and masterbatches, which are used as a raw material in multiple industries around the world. The company maintains a strong commitment to the environment. In this sense, it works in favor of the circular economy of plastic and commits to sustainable innovation to develop biodegradable products and composites, as well as having a range of products that improve carbon footprint of the final products. Besides the company also uses advanced plastic recycling technologies.

Milestones of the company

• 1986

After a number of decades linked to the plastics industry, the Duch family started Plasticos Compuestos SA, founded in Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona) as a Spanish pioneer company in the manufacture and sale of compounds made from mineral fillers and polymer. The company's production was destined for the plastics processing industry.

• 1989

Inauguration of the Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona) Factory. Its initial annual production capacity was 22,000 tons, including concentrates of calcium carbonate (for use as antifibrilante agent in the production of polypropylene raffia) and talc compounds intended for the automotive industry, white goods and garden furniture.

• 1992

Plasticos Compuestos SA expanded its portfolio with black, white and colour and additives masterbatches, thereby offering a complete and specialized catalogue for the film and extrusion industries. In order to continue growing, it also established a joint venture with Cabot Plastics, a leader in masterbatch of carbon black. This year also marked the beginning of a remarkable international expansion for the company.

• 2004

The first high-performance calcium carbonate concentrates for polyethylene film were released into the market. In the following years, the factory at Palau Solita i Plegamans (Barcelona) doubled its initial production capacity, while the company expanded its range of products and specialties for different applications and polymer processing markets.

• 2010

A new production unit was set up in Les Franqueses del Valles (Barcelona), with automated lines designed for colours and additives masterbatch production. The company continued its policy of growth and commitment to the continuous development of new technologies and innovations that improve and expand its versatile product ranges.

• 2014

In order to meet new challenges, Plasticos Compuestos S.A. was renamed Kompuestos. The objective was to specialise in the production of concentrates based on, talc calcium carbonates, silica and other bulk technical minerals. New machinery was acquired to increase production capacity and versatility.


Kompuestos, with an annual turnover of 30 million euros and a significant international presence, has become one of the leading companies in its sector. It has a wide range of formulations and finished products; knowledge and know-how acquired through 40 years of experience that will serve as a basis to further expand business horizons.


Launch of new product line focused on biodegradable resins.