Mineral concentrates

The Exfill® range of concentrates is a unique combination of 100% treated and ultrafine minerals and premium polymer resins.


The additive masterbatch portfolio matches any requirement expressed by the client.

Compostable resins

Compostable  resins made from different starches such as corn, potato, cereals, and other biologically sourced polymers.

White Masterbatches

Wide selection range of white masterbatch with a high level of tinting and dispersion

Biodegradable in water

The Okean® range of products is completely biodegradable in water. The Kompuestos team has refined new methods to go that one extra step.

Black masterbatches

Excellent dispersion and tinting strength, to cover from inexpensive up to high end applications.

Color masterbatches

Kompuestos has developed more than 20.000 different colour formulations for plastic applications