Water soluble resins

The leading solution for plastics
The Okean® range of products is completely biodegradable in water. The Kompuestos team has refined new methods to go that one extra step in order to secure our rivers and marine life. Okean® can biodegrade in water under natural conditions, ultimately being converted into carbon dioxide and water. Okean® biodegrades in a relatively short time even in natural conditions, such as the marine environment, when exposed to marine sediments from coastal areas, a habitat where a lot of plastic waste ends up.

Furthermore, as it is essentially bio-based, it produces less carbon dioxide than fossil-based polymers and contributes to the prevention of global warming.
Plastic waste: A growing concern.
Waste should not be dumped freely. Ocean waste is a serious issue due to its detrimental effectson the sea life and marine environment.

Okean® products are not designed for uncontrolled disposal but rather for recovery through organic recycling. Biodegradability does not give way to free dumping,and products should still be disposed of appropriately.
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