Which product is more appealing to the consumer?
We can define fog as the condensation of water in the form of small discrete drops on the surface of a plastic film. When this fog appears on food packaging:
- Product visibility is reduced.
- The content of the package is less attractive to consumers.
- Water droplets can deteriorate the quality and reduce the shelf life of the product.
- The quality of the product may seriously decline to the point where it can no longer be sold.
How do we eliminate fogging?
Fogging occurs when moisture condenses on the inner surface of the film, forming many small water droplets that can obstruct the consumer's visibility of the product. It can be the determining factor in the selection of a refrigerated product.

With the addition of antifog additives, we can reduce the surface tension between the plastic and the water, causing the water to condense in the form of a thin transparent film and eliminating the water droplets that affect visibility through the plastic film.
What is our solution?
Kompuestos offers one of the best solutions to prevent water condensation on food packaging films. Our masterbatch with a dosage of 4-6% is able to slow down the appearance of fogging on refrigerated products for about 10 weeks.
Approved for food contact according to Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and FDA 21CRF.

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