Why to use desiccant?
Moisture can be present in different types of raw materials, such as hygroscopic polymers, mineral fillers or pigments. In addition, recycled polymers often contain high levels of moisture.
Problems caused by moisture
Several problems can occur when processing plastic materials with excess moisture:

- Degradation of the polymer by chain excision, leading to a decrease in molecular weight, increased fluidity, and decreased viscosity.Corrosion of the metal parts inside the extruder, shortening its useful life.

- Defects in the final product. These defects can be both visual (fish eyes, puffs, holes, etc.) and/or functional (affectation of mechanical properties, variation in density, etc.).
Kompuestos desiccant masterbatch
Kompuestos desiccant additive reacts with the water molecules present in the polymer, binding them to its structure. It is the ideal solution to reduce or eliminate the moisture present in an efficient, simple and effective way, directly in the production process.
- Solves moisture problems instantly, without stopping the production.
- Maintains the mechanical properties of the manufactured article.
- Improves the surface properties of the manufactured article by eliminating streaks, fish eyes, density differences and holes, among others.
- In the case of recycled polymers, eliminates the need for pre-drying processes. This is important because moisture removal is done at zero cost: there is no energy consumption and no need to invest in drying machinery.
- More efficient reuse of production waste.
Kompuestos offers highly effective desiccant masterbatches for polyolefins, approved for food contact according to Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and FDA 21CFR.

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