Processing Aids

Processing Aids


What are process aids for?
Process aid additives are materials used to improve the processability and quality of the thermoplastic polymer during the extrusion process.They are used to reduce friction between the melt and the metal parts of the extruder, allowing a smooth flow of the melt.
What are process aids for?
The benefits are mainly obtained in the molten state of the polymer, the main improvements being:
- Elimination of melt-fracture, a phenomenon caused by excessive shear stress exerted on the molten resin and leading to roughness in the extruded parts, the appearance of orange peel, shark skin and other distortions

- Reduces or eliminates turbulent flow instabilities in narrow capillaries

- Reduces or eliminates die build-up. If these residue deposits are allowed to grow, they can cause processing problems and create flow lines in the extruded parts, if released they create defects in the extruded surfaces and even snap off the bubble

- Eliminates surface defects in pipe extrusion, improving the final finish and resulting in smoother, shinier surfaces

- Reduces cleaning time in the extruders when there is a color change

- Reduces pressure during extrusion, reduces processing temperatures and improves extruder output
With the addition of 0.5-3% of our process aid concentrate, the coating of all metal parts of the extruder (head, screw, sleeves...) is guaranteed, providing a sliding surface inside the extruder. At the end of the coating process, melt fracture is completely eliminated and the back pressure in the extruder also gradually decreases to a minimum at the end of the coating process.
Kompuestos offers highly effective processing aid masterbatches for applications as cast film, blown film, sheet extrusion, breathable film, cable extrusion, injection molding, etc. All approved for food contact according to Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and FDA 21CFR.

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