UV Stabilizers

UV stabilizers


Why is UV radiation so detrimental to plastics?
UV radiation from the sun is highly energetic and capable of degrading polymers ina short space of time, causing:
- Yellowing
- Discoloration
- Increased MFI due to chain breakage
- Decrease in MFI due to cross-linking of polymer hains and the appearance of gel
- Surface chalking
- Loss of gloss and transparency
- Loss of mechanical properties
What solution do we propose?
The use of radical scavenger additives or HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer) is the most suitable option to slow down polymer degradation and give the plastic article a longer service life. In this regard, Kompuestos offers a wide range of concentrates based on HALS blends to protect the plastic against solar radiation. In addition, the recommended formulations can be customized for specific applications.
What should we take into account?
Before making a recommendation, it is very important to know what the plastic article will be like, what its environment and intended use will be, how long it will last, and others. This is because some HALS additives are sensitive to certain
environments and may lose their effectiveness.

In addition, solar radiation is not the same all over the planet. Items in arid areas require more protection than in less hot areas.
• Urban containers
• Stadium chairs
• Garden furniture
• Pipes
• Pallet cover
• Bags
• Agriculture films
• Swimming pools
Kompuestos offers a highly effective portfolio of UV protector masterbatches for polyolefins, formulated with a mixture of HALs and UV filters for the most commons applications. Also together with our additives suppliers, we can develop and offer UV protector masterbatches for your specific application. Food contact approval can be achieved.

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