Kompuestos compostable plastic solutions highlighted in Film and Sheet Extrusion

January 12, 2018

Once again, Kompuestos is proud to have its activities for the development of biodegradable andcompostable plastic solutions as well asits participation at AMI Smart Packaging in October this year reported in the latest issue of Film and Sheet Extrusion.

To meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable plastic solutions, Kompuestos has been developing resin formulations for the extrusion of wholly compostable plastic bags, as well as compostable resins for thermoforming and injection molding applications for the fabrication of disposable tableware and enhanced biodegradable solutions for hygiene articles.

Kompuestos is planning to have its first product certified OK Compost by the end of summer 2018, in order to launch it on the market by the end of the year. Other products are foreseen to be certified and released through 2019.

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