Blow molding


Blow Molding Application

EXFILL® mineral based concentrates can be used in the majority of blown moulding products such as bottles, barrels or containers.

Mineral masterbatches in blow moulding are widely used due to their higher thermal conductivity in comparison to prime material. The higher thermal conductivity of the mass helps to increase productivity, as less time is required for heating and cooling.

Our range of HDPE-based mineral masterbatches is designed to positively influence TOP LOAD as the main parameter for these applications as well.

Price reduction, better processability, higher productivity together with the improvement of mechanical properties are the most important reasons the use of mineral additives in this application.
The benefits of using Exfill® in blow moulding are the following:
• Reduces cycle time’
• Improves flexural modulus
• Maintains top load at a reduced wall thickness
• Maintains drop impact at a reduced wall thickness.
Environmentally responsible
Exfill® helps to minimise the carbon footprint of finished products. Our mineral concentrates are completely recyclable and naturally engineered to reduce the use of petrochemical-based products. When you use our products, you add ecological value to plastic by increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption
The Exfill® range of products can be used in packaging according to the following:
• FDA 21 CFR;EEC (94/62)
• Council of Europe Resolution AP(89)1
• European Commission Regulation (EU) num 10/2011.

More detailed information and Food Contact Declaration are available upon request.
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