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Blown Film Application

Kompuestos has developed a wide range of Exfill® mineral masterbatches based on regular LLDPE resins, as well as specially designed mixtures of premium resins, that are suitable for use in cost-effective applications, as well most advanced film productions.

The excellent dispersion and homogeneity of our products allow using Exfill® in a dosage ranging from 5% to 70%, depending on the final application and desired mechanical properties of the final product.

In the standard offer, we provide mineral masterbatches based on C4, C6 and C8 LLDPE carrier, and for the more demanding applications, we offer mineral masterbatches based on Vistamaxx resin and mixtures of several premium polymer resins.

The Exfill® range of products is a new generation of mineral based concentrates developed by combining the latest developments and state-of-the-art technology.
The Exfill® range of products can be used for manufacturing of:
• Garbage bags
• Shopping bags
• Agricultural film
• Transportation packaging
• Paper-like film
• Industrial bags (FFS bags)
• Hygienic film
The benefits of using Exfill® in a blown film are the following:
• Increased productivity
• Improved tear resistance
• Possible down-gauging
• Price reduction on the overall formulation
• Better dispersion and homogeneity
• Antiblocking effect
• Improvement of barrier properties (OTR, WVTR)
• Better printability characteristics
• Increased puncture resistance and impact strength
• Enhanced sealablity
Environmentally responsible
Exfill® helps to minimise the carbon footprint of finished products. Our mineral concentrates are completely recyclable and naturally engineered to reduce the use of petrochemical-based products. When you use our products, you add ecological value to plastic by increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption
The Exfill® range of products can be used in packaging according to the following:
• FDA 21 CFR;EEC (94/62)
• Council of Europe Resolution AP(89)1
• European Commission Regulation (EU) num 10/2011.

More detailed information and Food Contact Declaration are available upon request.
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