Thermoforming and sheet extrusion


Thermoforming & Sheet Extrusion

The custom formulations of mixtures consisting of several Exfill® products are already being delivered to several global players and brand owners with a major focus on developing and optimising the use of mineral fillers, mainly in food packaging.

Exfill® products can meet the most demanding regulations and applications, making them one of the most used mineral based concentrates in this application.

We can offer solutions for improving the economics of production as well as developing more advanced formulations to enhance the properties of the final product.
The benefits of using Exfill® in thermoforming are the following:
• Improved precision of thermoformed edges for more sophisticated shapes
• Reduction of shrinkage
• Increased Dimensional stability
• Increased stiffness of packaging
• Reduction of wall thickness while maintaining mechanical properties.

At Kompuestos, we also have a provision to run pre-production or full production tests with suggested formulations in sheet extrusion, giving us a significant advantage in designing the best matching formulations for our customers in terms of the esthetical and mechanical properties of the final sheet.
Besides thermoforming, the Exfill® range of products can be used in manufacturing the following applications:
• Construction sheets
• Alveolar sheets
• Geo-membranes
Environmentally responsible
Exfill® helps to minimise the carbon footprint of finished products. Our mineral concentrates are completely recyclable and naturally engineered to reduce the use of petrochemical-based products. When you use our products, you add ecological value to plastic by increasing productivity and lowering energy consumption
The Exfill® range of products can be used in packaging according to the following:
• FDA 21 CFR;EEC (94/62)
• Council of Europe Resolution AP(89)1
• European Commission Regulation (EU) num 10/2011.

More detailed information and Food Contact Declaration are available upon request.
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