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Kompuestos appoints Albert de la Riva as new Independent Director
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June 26, 2020
Kompuestos appoints Albert de la Riva as new Independent Director
  • He will bring to the company more than ten years of experience in strategic consultancy as the Partner responsible for Europe, in addition to his expertise in strategy, digital transformation and innovation with an emphasis on advanced data analysis

Kompuestos (Plásticos Compuestos S.A.), MAB-listed company and leader in the production of sustainable plastic compounds in Europe, has approved at theGeneral Shareholders' Meeting held yesterday, June 26th, the re-election of the existing directors and the appointment of a new member of the company's Board of Directors, Albert de la Riva, who will join as an independent director.

Albert de la Riva is an industrial engineer from the Institut Químic de Sarrià of the Universitat Ramon Llull. He also has an MBA from IESE and the Vicens Vives Leadership Program fromESADE. He has worked for more than ten years in strategic consulting, leading projects for large corporations in more than ten countries. Previously, he also worked as a production manager for a building material manufacturer, as well as at Accenture.

Albert de la Riva has also acted as a direct investor (Limited Partner) and founder of multiple technology-based startups through various Venture Capital funds. His areas of expertise are strategy, digital transformation and innovation with a focus on advanced data analytics.

Additionally, and due to the expiration of the term for which he was appointed, the director of the Institut Català de Finances Capital S.G.E.I.C., S.A.U. has finished his activities as independent director.

About Kompuestos
Kompuestos, a listed company in Spanish Alternative Stock Exchange, is a leader in the production of sustainable plastic compounds in Europe. Based in Barcelona, it is one of the leading international suppliers of high-performance compounds aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in the production of plastics, which are used as raw material in multiple industries worldwide.

Kompuestos has developed and certified a complete range of biodegradable products for the replacement of traditional plastics, especially in sensitive applications such as single-use bags and hard-to-recycle products.

The company maintains a strong commitment to the environment. In this sense, it is positioned in favour of the circular economy of plastics and is committed to sustainable innovation by developing biodegradable and compostable products as well as mixtures with minerals that improve the imprint of CO2. The company is developing advanced technologies and plastic recycling additives so that they can be properly reused and the result is not second-rate products and difficult to apply.
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